Moncler Destination Hongkong

Moncler Destination Hongkong

On November sixteenth, Moncler paid tribute to the regularly changing city of Hong Kong with a blaze workmanship execution establishment: Moncler | Destination Hong Kong to commend the brand’s redesigned lead store at Harbor City in Canton Road.

A huge number of more than 10,000 Mr. Moncler – the brand’s emblematic minister in 19-inch statuette shape, a result of popular culture and amusingness – hve been situated in a few key areas in the city, breathing life into the avenues and ‘collaborating’ with passers-by.

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This undertaking is a creative tribute that Moncler has committed to the inhabitants of Hong Kong that have had the chance to effectively take an interest in the occasion. This workmanship execution with Mr. Moncler as its banner carrier, procured a symbolic significance. Beginning from five representative areas around the globe – Tokyo, St. Moritz, Melbourne, Berlin, Los Angeles – Mr. Moncler has allegorically achieved Hong Kong with the expect to lessen the separations isolating these urban communities.

uring the boutique event, special DJ Sets by supermodel Soo Joo Park and twin brothers Yeti Out set the musical tone for the guests to enjoy, together with photographer Gunner Stahl doing an exclusive live photoshoot during the event.

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