Moncler Teams up with Eight Designers to Reinterpret its Down Jacket

Moncler Teams up with Eight Designers to Reinterpret its Down Jacket

Simone Rocha and Craig Green were among planners entrusted with updating Moncler’s mark down coat for its new Genius venture, propelled at the current year’s Milan Fashion Week.

On the premiere night of the city’s mold week, 20 February 2018, the apparel mark Moncler welcomed guests to an enormous Milanese shelter. Rooms inside were each devoted to one of eight accumulations making up the Moncler’s Genius activity, which is portrayed by the brand as a “center point of excellent personalities working as one while at the same time developing their peculiarity”.

Moncler entrusted every one of the eight partners, which included London-based creators Simone Rocha and Craig Green, with reinterpreting its down coat. They were told to remember its capacity, guaranteeing that the plan would in any case execute as a warm coat.

“Each venture has the great Moncler down coat as the principle play area, remains without anyone else, and every one of them consistently uniting on the thing,” said the brand.

“Keeping capacity at the center and moving toward the duvet as a question, exceptional examinations follow.”

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To create the fourth collection, Moncler teamed up with fashion designer Simone Rocha, who created voluminous silhouettes based on photographs of Victorian climbers in petticoats. Menswear designer Craig Green was behind Moncler 5. The designer aimed to abstract the body through his collection, which he created in monochrome fabrics.

Black fabric was also used exclusively by designer Kei Ninomiya, who transformed the brand’s down jacket into a series of modular elements to create Moncler 6. Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Moncler 7 looked to streetwear subcultures, while Los Angeles label Palm Angels emblazoned Moncler 8 with bold lettering.

Moncler Genius launched during this season’s Milan Fashion Week, which kicked off on 20 February and will run until 27 February 2018. Moncler was founded in 1952 by René Ramillon, who took its name from the abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont – an Alpine town near Grenoble, France. The brand was bought-out in by Italian entrepreneur Remo Ruffini, who initiated the Genius project.

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