Patagonia Perfectly Add the Ultra-Light Insulation on Puffy Jacket’ Design

Patagonia Perfectly Add the Ultra-Light Insulation on Puffy Jacket’ Design

A puffy coat can be compressible, it can be warm, and it can be water-safe—yet never at the same time. Call it the iron triangle of protected outerwear: Improvements to any two of these properties must come to the detriment of the third.

This exemplary issue comes from the material properties of down and manufactured protection. At the point when down gets doused, it loses its protecting properties. Synthetics remain warm when wet, yet they don’t pack and the common stuff.


Patagonia’s Micro Puff Hoody, accessible beginning today, is the primary item to fuse the organization’s favor new down option—and it’s a great piece. The windproof, water-safe shell utilizes lighter ripstop materials that different coats in Patagonia’s lineup, and significantly less sewing, as well. Truth be told, the Micro Puff totally relinquishes the puzzle development ordinarily found in puffy coats. Rather than restricting its protection to a group of little rectangles, Patagonia’s architects utilized lines of deliberately set sewing to direct strands of PlumaFill all through the coat’s inside.

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Another manufactured fill from Patagonia goes up against this problem with outstanding outcomes. The protection, which Patagonia calls PlumaFill, resembles a small quill boa, with multitudinous polyester tufts radiating from a long, focal spine. Those soft branches pack like down, however remain warm and lobbed when wet. Mooring them to a solitary strand shields the engineered tufts from moving and amassing inside a coat, augmenting the protection’s productivity and keeping the arrangement of icy spots.

The outcome is a famously packable piece with a higher warmth-to-weight proportion than any coat Patagonia’s at any point made. A size medium Micro Puff packs down to the measure of a 1-liter Nalgene; weighs only 9.3 ounces; and offers practically as much warmth as Patagonia’s mainstream Down Sweater Hoody, a 15.1-ounce coat that utilizations genuine goose down for protection.

The new Micro Puff Hoody is not just lighter than Patagonia’s Ultralight Down Hoody (the Down Sweater’s lighter, svelter kin), yet hotter—a reality that will lead Patagonia to eliminate the last from its item lineup in the coming seasons.

All that light-weight execution will cost you (we are discussing Patagonia, here), yet perhaps not as much as you’d think. The Micro Puff Hoody offers for $299—which, while not shabby, is $50 not exactly the Ultralight Down Hoody it replaces. A manufactured coat that is hotter, lighter, and more affordable than its down-protected forerunner? Presently there’s an iron triangle we can get behind.


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