Stylish Ways To Wear A Parka Jacket

Stylish Ways To Wear A Parka Jacket

Hasil gambar untuk parka mensTrendy men’s parkas turned into a settled occupant of the spring and fall-winter accumulations, yet notwithstanding this, numerous men aren’t anxious to the buy parka coats and coats, watching out for the great old exemplary outerwear pieces. Why is this incident? Evidently, the issue is the regular picture of the men’s parka.

The classic parka has a khaki shade that makes it look casual and relaxed. Some people don’t like the parka coats because it reminds them of hunters and fishermen outfit. In order to minimize this impact, refuse these soft and warm khaki/brown shades and forget about the camouflage print. Navy is your proper choice to make your parka jacket and coat look modern, smart and elegant.

Traditionally parkas came in two colours. Beige and green. If you like beige and green then that’s great, but luckily if you’re not so much of a fan there are different colours out there for you to choose from. A blue parka can give off different vibes depending on what tone you choose, with a lighter, more vibrant one keeping things more casual and bright, and a darker, more versatile tone being ideal for more neutral looks. Whether you go for a long line parka jacket or a shorter version is up to you, but if you’re going for a bold blue then it’s best to try and keep the rest of your outfit a little more toned down so that you avoid too much contrast.

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For a darker toned blue you can get away with more vibrant clothing or keep a neutral look with simple basics. A pair of blue jeans, a navy jumper and some brown boots can give a clean, tonal look that has enough similarities in colour to look streamlined, but enough differences to not look overly concentrated.

It’s important to make sure that your parka jacket is properly taken care of to ensure that it looks its best and lasts for years to come. Like all coats, washing isn’t a big part of their lives, but accidents happen and we can’t always afford a dry cleaner. Still, you’re not dealing with suede of silk here, so a parka isn’t too difficult to take care of on your own, but here are some useful tips on keeping it in good shape.

  • Coats don’t usually need a lot of washing, but make sure to not wash your parka more than twice a year to avoid it wearing down.
  • Turn your jacket inside out if you’re washing it in a machine.
  • To maintain the waterproof coating, choose a specialised detergent when washing it.

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